Master Philip Wong (WONG LAP DEI), a Fengshui apprentice trained by the great masters from Hong Kong and Taiwan. As a certified Fengshui practitioner, Master Philip has been practicing Fengshui and conducted in-depth researches for more than 20 years. With his experience living overseas, Philip has been offering his professional services around the globe, serving clients from both private and commercial sectors, countries including Asia, US, Canada and Australasia. Some of Philip's clients come from upmarket listed companies, property developers, hospitals, schools, office buildings and gaming outlets. His clients mainly seek Philip's advice on Fengshui to ensure that their business environments are in harmony.

Philip also writes periodical article for newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong and China. Currently, he is a regular Fengshui columnist for HK Economic Journal and In Hong Kong, he has been interviewed by different multimedia regarding Fengshui. On one occasion, Hong Kong Daily News had invited Philip to give his Fengshui aspects on the newly built Government Headquarters of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, Office of the Chief Executive, and Hong Kong Government House.

In different parts of Asia, Philip has conducted Fengshui seminars and hosted Q & A sessions for large number of audiences with Fengshui concerns. At all time, Philip views Fengshui and fate with a combination of eastern and western perspectives, utilising a scientific and mathematical approach in his analysis.

Master Philip Wong in the documentary film "The Fall of Hong Kong", directed by Liu Shen, would demonstrate the cosmological influences feng shui has on the economy and people's livelihood of Hong Kong from the olden days till modern time.

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